Buying Club Members

ONFC Buying Clubs are a unique way to gain access to natural and organic food and ecologically friendly products with the convenience of home delivery.



What is a Buying Club?

Buying Clubs are groups of individuals and/or families who get together to buy directly from the wholesaler. Each member creates an order based on the ONFC Buying Club catalogue, and the club places a collective order to ONFC. We deliver the order to a club member’s home where it is divided into the individual orders. Members then pick-up their orders and pay for their invoices.


What are the Benefits of starting a Buying Club?

  • Supporting a sustainable food system by purchasing organic and eco-friendly products
  • Strengthening relationships with your community, friends and family
  • Saving money on your food dollar by buying in bulk or by the case
  • Convenient one-stop-shopping


How do I start my own club?

To get your own club started you need to have at least five adult members. Often a Buying Club begins with five households or five families and grows to include more individuals. There is no maximum number of members. If you aren’t able to get a group of people together, there is also the option of joining an existing club.


Once you have a group of 5 or more people together, just fill in the Buying Club application form and fax or mail the completed form to us and we will set up a Buying Club account for you. You can start ordering shortly thereafter.

Download Application Form

For more information about starting or joining a Buying Club, email us at buyclub [at] or call 905-507-2021 x228 or 1-800-387-0354 x228.