Retail Member Benefits

Membership has its benefits!

By becoming a member, ONFC retailers can access exclusive member benefits.
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Exclusive Member Sales Flyers :

  • Exclusive deals for our retail members featuring special discounts on selected products.
  • Our bestselling brands.

Member Loan & Member Discount Program:

  • The Member Loan Program is a unique co-op financial offering.

    • Here’s the idea: many members invest together in order to create an enterprise everyone needs.
    • Here’s how it works: members pay 1% of each invoice towards their member loan.

    ONFC makes it easy to become a co-op co-owner. ONFC funds your member loan contribution through your member discount. Members currently receive a 1% member discount on all purchases while at the same time they pay 1% towards their member loan. In fact, the discount funds the member loan.

    Members never pay more.

    • It’s a win – win!

    For ONFC, the member loan raises capital to grow and improve services. And the member advantage is that members accrue their 1% member loan on every invoice. Some members see the member loan as a deferred 1% discount because they know it is refundable. Some even say it is their 'nest egg.'

    ONFC’s unique Member Loan Program is what transforms our members into co-owners of the co-op and grants access to a suite of exclusive member benefits.

Retail Education & Training Rebates:

  • Membership offers the benefit of priority access and significant savings to unique retail training opportunities.
  • Including:
    • Rising Stars Seminars - Natural Food Retailing Leadership Development
    • Eco-Business Summit – offering green retailing strategies to reduce costs
    • Educational workshops at our Annual General Meeting

    See the flyers below for more information. 

Co-operative Governance:

ONFC is a different kind of distributor!

  • As a co-op, ONFC is owned and democratically controlled by its members.  
  • All members have the opportunity to influence the direction of ONFC
  • How? Through involvement in:
    • Annual General Meetings
    • Committees of the Board of Directors
    • Nominations to the Board of Directors
    • Running for a seat on the Board of Directors

Meet our current Board of Directors


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