About Retail Membership

"Membership has clearly come to the forefront in our thinking around strategic initiatives."  ~ Chris Fraracci

As a co-operative enterprise, ONFC is owned, controlled and used by its members.

What is ONFC Membership all about?

  • Added benefits        
  • Co-ownership of ONFC
  • Influence the direction of your distributor

With ONFC, it’s not just business as usual!

Watch this video and find out why!

Is membership for you?

Membership is for any customer that is interested in receiving the added benefits of membership and who meets the member criteria.

Member Criteria:  ONFC Retail Membership is for retail customers who generate 50% of their revenue through the sale of natural food & health products, and who choose to become members.

Customers & Members…What’s the difference?

All ONFC customers and members get excellent service.

Members get added benefits.

Don’t all customers have to be members of the co-op in order to purchase from us?

  • Eligible customers choose to be members. There is nothing automatic about becoming a member.
  • We are aiming to convert all eligible customers to member status.

What’s in it for ONFC?

  • We believe that co-ops offer an economic difference in this global economy where co-op members have more control over their distributor.  The more members,   the more difference we can make together.
  • Our vision is the live in a sustainable world from seed to plate, this includes how business is done, not just what products are sold.

Is there a downside to being a member?

  • We see membership as a win-win with no downsides for either ONFC or the member. 

Can I withdraw my membership if I want to?

  • You can stop being a member at any time and revert back to regular customer status.
  • When you stop being a member, you can have your Member Loan returned.

Learn about the benefits of being an ONFC Retail Member on the Retail Member Benefits page.  

If you are an existing retail member and have an inquiry please contact us at membership@onfc.ca