Retail Member Benefits

Membership has its benefits!

By becoming a member, ONFC retailers can access exclusive member benefits.

Financial & Promotional Benefits


A creative collaboration of the membership, sales and marketing team, CORE promotions support the retailer on the buy and sell side of retail business. Launched quarterly, CORE integrates great promotions, product samples, marketing materials, and product, industry trend and retail education.

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Member Loan & Member Discount Program:

The Member Loan Program is a unique co-op financial offering.

ONFC makes it easy to become a co-op co-owner. ONFC funds your member loan contribution through your member discount. Members currently receive a 1% member discount on all purchases while at the same time they pay 1% towards their member loan. In fact, the discount funds the member loan.

Members never pay more.

For ONFC, the member loan raises capital to grow and improve services. And the member advantage is that members accrue their 1% member loan on every invoice. Some members see the member loan as a deferred 1% discount because they know it is refundable. Some even say it is their 'nest egg.'

ONFC's unique Member Loan Program is what transforms our members into co-owners of the co-op and grants access to a suite of exclusive member benefits.

  • Here's the idea: many members invest together in order to create an enterprise everyone needs.
  • Here's how it works: members pay 1% of each invoice towards their member loan.
  • It's a win – win!

Education & Training Benefits:

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Panel and Workshops Our AGM is a conference-type of event featuring keynotes, panels, and workshops from optimizing retail strategies to the most current food issues in our industry, all delivered by luminaries in their respected fields.

Rising Stars Seminars Members receive a rebate for taking part in this acclaimed 3-day natural food retailer development seminar created for managers and department leaders.

  • See the flyers below for more information.
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Retail Member Website

Members gain access to the member exclusive portal on the web. Filled with resources such as the online catalogue, benefit updates, education and latest member news.

Co-operative Governance:

Members can participate in a uniquely democratic leadership and governance structure.

  • All members have the opportunity to influence the future direction of ONFC through involvement in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Members can come forward to exercise their rights and responsibilities by participating on member committees and becoming a nominee for the ONFC Board of Directors.

Meet our current Board of Directors