Virtual Table Top April 2017

ONFC is proud to announce we are yet again having an online trade event: Virtual Table Top!

ONFC’s Virtual Table Top is an online “e-commerce” style event with all the online shopping bells and whistles, without the actual immediate payment process at the end of checkout. What does that mean?
It means Retailers simply go to Virtual Table Top show during April 19th to April 21st to place their orders on our “table topping deals” and check them out like a regular e-commerce site and then pay later as per their ONFC account terms.

How to Login/Create an Account:
The site link is located at The site goes live on April 19th at 6:00am. You will need your Customer ID and your work (or personal) email. Your Customer ID is VERY important especially for stores with multiple locations. If you do not input the correct ID number, your shipping locations will not show up when checking out. Your Customer ID can be found on your invoices or you can contact an ONFC sales rep to get that information.

Which Browser should I be using?
We recommend using either Chrome or Fire Fox. There have been some issues in the past when using older versions of IE (Internet Explorer) 8 and 9. If using IE please use the latest version.

Case Stack Deals on VTT
Some items have CSDs. On the VTT site you will only see the lowest tier pricing. If you move to the higher tier, your pricing will be reflected on your final invoice and not shown on the site due to technical limitations.

All VTT products will be shipping between May 1st to June 9th unless noted otherwise.

See you online!

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Food For Thought is a dynamic event which will explore our relationship with our food system through the convergence of music, art and conversation. Our day-long festival will examine some 'dangerous ideas' about industrial agriculture, genetically modified organisms and the unsustainable nature of our current food system. Throughout the day, speakers will present new ways of thinking that can support the transition towards earth democracy, a just food system, and a world beyond pesticides. After an afternoon of engaging with academics, agricultural activists and NGO moguls, we will gather for a tapas reception and a keynote presented by the revolutionary Dr. Vandana Shiva. At night, we will put on our dancing shoes and enjoy a proper dance party, consisting of local producers and DJs.

What's so dangerous about ideas? They have the power to change the world!