Inventory Management Webinar - For ONFC Retailers!

On Friday, February 23, 2018 ONFC proudly hosted an information webinar for our valued Retail customers. The webinar was presented by David Fuller, MBA and Author of the book Profit Yourself Healthy, and was focused on Inventory Management: Essential Tips on How You Can Bolster Your Bottom Line. 

If you are an ONFC Retail Customer and would like to learn about the best practices that small stores (under 5000 sq ft) are using to manage their inventory then please visit the below link to listen and view the webinar.  

Inventory Management Webinar


CHFA Award for Excellence in Inside Sales

On the evening of Saturday, September 16, 2017 members of the ONFC team attended the CHFA East 2017 awards ceremony at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the many achievements of our partners, peers, and of course friends in the Canadian health food world.  One key recognition, the CHFA Award for Excellence in Inside Sales, was awarded to our very own Inside Sales Representative, Rachelle Goodier.  Rachelle has been with the ONFC team for over a year and has quickly proven to be a friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable member of the ONFC Sales team.  ONFC is very proud of Rachelle’s achievement and is looking forward to another great year of excellence and success in the health food industry.  

Ontario Natural Food Co-op signs Letter of Intent with Horizon Group of B.C.

Mississauga, Ontario, March 2, 2017 — The Ontario Federation of Food Co-operatives and Clubs, Inc., operating as the Ontario Natural Food Co-op, of Mississauga, has signed a Letter of Intent to sell its business and key assets to the Horizon Group of western Canada.

The co-operative’s board of directors invited ONFC members to a Special Members Meeting on Mar. 20 to consider the resolution that would allow the sale.

If the sale goes ahead, it would be an important step toward preserving a strong Canadian natural and organic food distribution system in the province, says ONFC General Manager Randy Whitteker. He notes that the roots of the Horizon Group are co-operative, and ONFC and Horizon Group share many values. Horizon Group’s Ontario operations would remain at the existing location in Mississauga, he adds.

He says that recent pressures in the organic and natural food industry, the co-operative’s expansion during this time, a strong U.S. dollar impacting the cost of imported products, and other reasons led to the boards’ decision to look to a bigger partner to maintain service for independent and other retail organic and natural retailers in Ontario.

Until a decision is made, the co-operative will continue to serve its members and customers which are buying clubs, local co-operatives, natural food retailers, restaurateurs, caterers and others dedicated to organic and natural food.

ONFC was founded in 1976. It now employs more than 120 people, and has close to 1500 members and customers. Its annual sales approach $55 million. ONFC owns Black River Juice Company Limited and the Ontario Natural Food Co-op brand. It distributes more than 4,500 grocery, refrigerated, frozen, bulk, and household items to natural and organic retailers in the eastern half of Canada. It is the 2016 Canadian Health Food Association Supplier of Excellence Award winner.

Also dating to 1976, the Horizon Group of companies is a key player in the natural products industry representing a wide array of categories shipped from a number of warehouses across Canada. Its subsidiary, Horizon Distributors, is western Canada’s leading distributor of organic and natural products in the dry, chill and frozen grocery categories, serving 1,800 locations annually including natural and organic retailers, grocery retailers, online retailers, buying clubs and major retail partners such as Whole Foods Market.


John Landsborough, Director of Sales and Marketing, ONFC, jlandsborough [at] onfc.ca905-507-2021, ext. 250

Terri Newell, Vice-President - Horizon Group of Companies, General Manager – Horizon Distributors, terrin [at] horizondistributors.com (), 604-524-6610




Potential Canada Post strike - July 2016

Dear Members and Customers,

With the potential Canada Post postal stike we wanted to send you information so you can pay your ONFC account on line. ONFC is now set up with the following banks so that you may pay us on line just like any other utility bill.

If you bank with CIBC, PC Financial, Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust or a credit union you may set us up as a Payee on their system and pay us on line. Thus saving yourself a stamp and an envelope. Once you make your payment online we would ask that you email arteam [at] onfc.ca that you have made a payment through direct deposit with a breakdown of what invoices you are paying along with your customer ID and amount paid.

SI123456 – SC123456

How to find us on your bank. Choose to set up a new Payee, search for company Ontario Natural Food Coop, your customer number is your customer ID ex ABCORGA00W, and then you can pay your bill.

If you have any questions regarding this process please do contact any one of us in the accounts receivable department.

Paula Smith ext 295 psmith [at] onfc.ca or Christine Tagoe ext 269 ctagoe [at] onfc.ca


Jule-Anne Auld
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Ontario Natural Food Co-op
5865 McLaughlin Rd. Unit 5, Mississauga, ON L5R 1B8
905 507 2021 X271
JAuld [at] onfc.ca

CHFA East 2016 Nominations

Congratulations to all of us… we have the following Nominations from our Retailers and Peers for this year CHFA, September 17th and 18th at the Metro Convention Hall. We look forward to celebrating our 40th year celebrations at the show.


Nominations for 2016:

  • Supplier of Excellence Award - ONFC 
  • Jack Gahler Memorial Award for Excellence in Inside Sales – Ruvena Buslovich 
  • Jack Gahler Memorial Award for Excellence in Outside Sales-Maria Ligeza

Possible Canada Post Strike

June 20th, 2016
If Canada Post goes on strike it will continue to be your responsibility to ensure that we receive payment on time. We are set up to receive payment via direct deposit. Check on your banks payables for Ontario Natural Food Coop – if you choose to pay this way please email arteam [at] onfc.ca who you are, the amount you paid and what you are paying. Please contact anyone on the A/R team if you have any questions about this or other payment methods.

AR Team arteam [at] onfc.ca
Paula Smith psmith [at] onfc.ca ext 295
Christine Tagoe ctagoe [at] onfc.ca ext 269
Ornela Agolli Agolli [at] onfc.ca ext 242
Jule-Anne Auld jauld [at] onfc.ca ext 271

Organic Sector Consultation Funded by Growing Forward 2

May 31st, 2016—The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) received funding this April through Growing Forward 2 (GF2) to implement a sector-wide assessment of barriers to growth for the organic sector in Ontario. The Council signed the agreement with the Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC) in late April, 2016 and is launching the project this week.

The $35,718 project seeks to understand the barriers to growth for different organic value chains and to develop specific and measurable goals for overcoming those barriers for the sector. The Organic Council has contracted Carolyn Young, former Director of Sustain Ontario, to conduct an environmental scan, key informant interviews, commodity-specific focus groups and a survey of both organic businesses and conventional businesses wishing to transition to certified organic.

“This funding comes at a critical time,” says Tom Manley, chair of the OCO board. “With over $1 billion in sales in Ontario alone, roughly 30 per cent of all Canadian organic sales, the Ontario organic sector’s demand far outstrips supply and organic businesses are facing intense pressure from the US and Quebec to increase their market share in both Ontario and International markets.” In Canada, organic foods now make up 4 per cent of total retail sales, but only 1.3 per cent of total production area.

“Supply is the bottleneck in organic value chains” states Simon Jacques, organic grain grower and OCO board member, “and if we can help producers overcome barriers to scaling up and scaling out production, the whole sector will benefit.”

The project also aims to develop a sector-wide funding strategy for accomplishing the goals identified in the consultation process. “I’m really hopeful that, through this project, organic businesses will see the value of playing a greater role in determining the future of the sector” states former OCO chair Jennifer Pfenning. Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables were instrumental in making the grant happen by providing $10,000 in matching funds.

The work will be overseen by a working group representing all commodity groups and value chains. “We are very fortunate to have such dedicated sector leaders to lead this work,” states Carolyn Young.

“The Canadian organic food sector is a growing industry. The Government of Canada is pleased to support the Ontario organic sector in growing its market share and expanding sales.”
• Lawrence MacAulay, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“Today there is an increasing demand from consumers to know more about the food they consume and a growing desire for organic options. Our government is pleased to support the Organic Council of Ontario in this project, looking at ways we can help the organic food industry and in turn strengthen Ontario’s broader agri-food sector.”
• Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“This project demonstrates excellent collaborative partnerships across the value chain.” - Judy Dirksen, AAC Chair. “By conducting a sector-wide consultation, the entire organic sector, from producers to retailers, will be in a better position to support the growing demand for organic products.”

The project is a year-long project and will wrap up in March 2017 with a report on the findings of the consultation.

This project was funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.

For more information, contact:
Carolyn Young: carolyn.cay [at] gmail.com, 647-839-4030
Tom Manley: tom [at] homesteadorganics.ca, 613-543-0480

Fraudulent Activity involving ONFC job offers

May 2016

Please note: Unfortunately, someone has fraudulently taken ONFC’s name and logo and is sending fake job offers via email. ONFC would never negotiate a job offer without a verbal conversation and formal job interview process. If someone asks for your bank information via internet, this is not us!

1. Do not trust in offers "too good to be true".
2. Use secure payment methods, never money sending companies.
3. Check at maximum the identity and background of recruiter.
4. Protect your computer: firewalls, antivirus and anti-spy software.
5. Protect your privacy: avoid sharing your data indiscriminately.

Ontario Natural Food Co-op celebrates 40 years!

Dear Members and Customers,

For all of us at ONFC, every year that the organic food movement continues to grow in popularity among Canadian consumers is a special year for us. However, as you might have guessed from the cover of January/February catalogue, 2016 promises to be even more special – because this year marks the 40th anniversary of Ontario Natural Food Co-op as a Co-op.

No question, we’ve come a long way since we first opened our doors in Toronto in 1976. In the course of four decades, the organic food industry has gained the interest and respect of people from all walks of life, all across this great country. It’s been an incredible story of growth and change, and ONFC has had the privilege of both participating in and promoting these changes in Canada’s food industry – and in the minds of Canadian consumers.

Now, we want to celebrate these changes, together with the most important stakeholders in our company – you, our valued customers. To do so, we will be rolling out special programs, promotions and pricing as our way of saying “thank you” for coming along with us on this exciting journey. What’s more, we are planning a number of exciting events so that we can have the opportunity to express our gratitude to you in person – like our CHFA Show in Toronto in September 2016. And don’t forget our new Virtual Table Top Show coming this Spring 2016.

Stay tuned for more information on our 40th anniversary celebrations – we will provide you with updates as they become available, and you can always check onfc.ca for details, as well.

Thank you again for your support of Ontario Natural Food Co-op. In every way, the best of 2016 to you!

John Landsborough
Director of Sales and Marketing ONFC

ONFC Table Top (LIVE) 2015 Retail Winners

We thank you all ONFC Retail Members and Customers who came out to the show and gave us your business and support.

The 2015 Live Table Top winners are:

Nash from Evergreen wins the iPad Mini

Kaitlin from Forest Rock Cottage Resort wins the CHFA East 2015 accommodations (1 night stay plus dinner - $600 value)

Julie from Health Wise wins the "$1000 End Cap Store Display"

Congratulations! and we look forward to continuing our growth and relationship with you. See you at CHFA East 2015!